Our mission: to give every student of Glasgow University the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Glasgow University Christian Union is a body of evangelical Christian students committed to sharing the news about Jesus, which we think is really good news. You can find out a bit more about what we believe here. We want to encourage each other to share this amazing news of Jesus with our friends and peers. We also put on events to provide all students with a chance to come and challenge the claims Christianity makes about Jesus. Details of all the events we hold will be on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed so check those out.


We are supported by UCCF, which is the 'Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship'. They help run Christian Unions across the UK, and provide training for our leaders and a staff worker to help run the Christian Union.


The CU is run by a committee of students who are elected each year, each member of committee has a different role to look after a different part of CU. Why not find out more about what we do?

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