So you know our mission is to share the gospel with students at Glasgow University, but what do we do to achieve that? Here are a few things:

  • Team Time

    Every week on a Tuesday evening we meet together to encourage one another with our mission. We usually have a talk from a local bible teacher and sing together. To find out more about the weekly team time meetings, subscribe to our mailing list.


    Join us at 17.30 in Qudos, QMU.

  • Events

    Our mission is to give every student on campus an opportunity to hear the gospel. So to do that we put on big events and invite people. Details of all the events we are holding will be on our Facebook page.

  • Cross Countries

    There are many students from all over the world who come to Glasgow University. We hold weekly events on Wednesday evenings just for international students, they are such a great opportunity to get to know and love them. Find out more on our Cross Countries Facebook group.

  • Prayer

    We believe we are totally reliant on God, and can't do anything without his help. So each week on a Wednesday morning we meet to pray together. This is probably the most important time of the week for us, and we really encourage you to come along!


    We usually meet in the chapel on Wednesday mornings at 8am, details will be included on our weekly emails.

  • Events Week

    As well as regular events throughout the term, we also hold a whole week of events every February. This usually consists of a couple of 'lunch bars' in the day, dealing with apologetics and defeater beliefs, and a gospel talk each evening. Events week is one of the best weeks of the year and is a great chance to really go for it and get lots of awareness on campus. Do come along and bring your friends too!

  • Weekend Away

    Every year in November we go away together as a CU for a weekend of getting to know each other and God's word better. We are blessed by excellent bible teachers who come and encourage us in our mission from God's word. Keep an eye on our mailing list and listen up at team time for info.

  • Carol Service

    Each Christmas we hold a carol service on campus, and usually organise it with other societies who provide musical talent and entertainment. It's a great chance to share the good news about Christmas. We hope to see you there!

  • Hall Groups

    Most students in their first year live in university halls of residence. This is a great time to get to know new people really well. We meet together in 'hall groups' to pray, study God's word, and think about how we can reach our friends in halls with the gospel. We often have mini events in halls, such as 'Text-A-Toastie' where people text in a question about Christianity and an order for a free toastie which we deliver to them.


    To find out more please get in touch with our hall groups co-ordinator, their details are on our contact page.

  • Stalls

    'Stalls' is what we call that thing where we give out tea, coffee and biscuits to people at the unions on a night out. People all over campus know the Christian Union as 'those folk who give out tea and coffee'. We hope that it's a good way to show love to our fellow students, and also it gives you great chances to share the good news of Jesus. You never know who you're going to speak to when you're doing stalls, and it's always fun. Speak to Sarah if you're interested in getting involved!

  • Faculty Families

    If you were involved in CU last year you may remember 'CU families'. These were small groups of different people from CU that aimed to meet and pray together, as well as perhaps do a bible study or read a book together.

    This year we want to do something similar, but arrange the groups based on what people are studying. That way it can be really evangelism focussed and you can discuss particular challenges that you face when trying to share the gospel with friends on your course. We hope that these 'faculty families' will in time be able to organise lunch bars or pint sized events aimed at their faculty. Stay tuned for more info, as this is still a work in progress!

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